Mariana Müller and Ernesto Wolf are a couple passionate for Patagonia, a place they chose to live, work and raise their family.
Their history starts in Esquel, the town where Mariana was raised and where they opened their first restaurant, Cassis. Years later they reopened it in Bariloche where they settled bringing with them the same concept: Cassis, an experience that invites to sharing a cooking style and a central-European service tradition with the genuine flavors of Patagonia.
Acidulated flavors, fruits, juices, wines and vinegars are essentials in Mariana's recipes, which results in a fresh, subtle and elegant cooking of full and deep flavors.
With a history of almost twenty years, Cassis is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Argentina, consistently recommended by the specialized media and travel portals from all over the world.
From the knowledge that brings the experience of the restaurant’s daily routine, the natural environment and the power afforded by their children when helping with chores and family work, comes the inspiration to create the Müller & Wolf,  their own brand of dressings that arrives to awaken the imagination enjoying and recreating the flavors of your everyday kitchen.

Müller & Wolf
San Carlos de Bariloche | Patagonia | Argentina