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Dressings in action
.:. Red Wine Sauce, Elderberry Dressing and Thyme
Accompany the game with chutneys or cooked fruit.

Could be also made to use as a sauce with traditional meats as pork, chicken or beef.

Ideal for: Game: Venison, boar, hare.

100 cc of red wine.
100 cc of Elderberry Dressing.
Fresh Thyme.
50 gr. of butter.
Salt and pepper.

In a saucepan bring red wine to a boil for two minutes. Add the Elderberry Dressing and Thyme. Reduce to a half on low heat stirringconstantly; slowly add small cubes of butter to emulsify. Lightly salt and pepper to taste. Reserve in a warm place until serving.
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Müller & Wolf
San Carlos de Bariloche | Patagonia | Argentina